aluminum fuel tank

Aluminum Fuel Tanks

Choosing a replacement aluminum fuel tank for your truck may not be as straight forward as you might think.  Please read the information below before purchasing a steel or aluminum fuel tank from any supplier.  

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Whether you’re replacing an existing tank or upgrading from a steel tank to an aluminum fuel tank you need to be confident that your replacement saddle tank will be a simple nut and bolt replacement.  We want to be absolutely sure that our customers are happy with our steel or aluminum fuel tanks so we provide a “perfect fit” money back guarantee.  We’ll even pay return shipping if it doesn’t fit.  Now, ordering an aftermarket diesel tank is worry free.

If you plan to keep your truck on the road for the long haul then there is a good case to be made in favor of aluminum fuel tanks.  It’s because aluminum fuel tanks have several distinct advantages. 

Perhaps the most important benefit of an aluminum fuel tank over steel is that aluminum is less susceptible to corrosion.  If you install aluminum fuel tanks, they could very well be the last ones you will ever need.  Steel tanks, despite state-of-the-art coatings are more susceptible to corrosion from road salt and salt from the sea air in coastal regions.  Another huge benefit of aluminum fuel tanks is that they are significantly lighter.  Weight reduction is one of the most widely accepted strategies for reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of heavy duty vehicles.  Aluminum fuel tanks, forged wheels, cabs, and other aluminum components result in a weight reduction of over 2,300 pounds in a typical tractor.  Although the material cost of an aluminum fuel tank is more than steel, you can expect the cost difference to be returned to you several times over in the form of fuel efficiency.

Even though aluminum fuel tanks have advantages over steel, you might want to consider upgrading to stainless steel fuel tanks.  Stainless steel has the added benefit of holding its shine which is not the case with an aluminum fuel tank.

Be sure to consider material thickness.  Don’t accept an aluminum fuel tank from any supplier unless it is at least 1/8 inch thick.  Regardless if you choose steel, stainless steel or aluminum fuel tanks, you can rest assured that they have been pressure tested before they leave our factory.  This way you can install your saddle tanks with confidence knowing they will perform properly from the minute you install them. 

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Get informed before you make a purchase decision for your aluminum fuel tank.

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