Why Are More People Switching To Aluminum Fuel Tanks?

Posted on May 6th 2015

We’ve been noticing a trend in the industry recently.  We’re seeing an increased demand for aluminum fuel tanks.  When we ask our customers if their original tank is a steel or aluminum fuel tank, we’re most often told they’re steel.  Remember that these customers are willing to pay a bit more to purchase aluminum fuel tanks instead of staying with steel. 


We asked why.  They cited 3 main reasons.  The first is because they plan to keep the truck for a good while longer and are concerned that steel tanks may rust again.  Secondly it is for better fuel economy.  Less weight means less fuel consumption.  A pair of saddle tanks can weigh hundreds of pounds and aluminum fuel tanks are significantly lighter than steel.  Reason number 3, which is also related to fuel economy, is that they expect fuel prices to continue to rise.  They are planning today to combat tomorrow's higher fuel costs. 

If you’re thinking of switching to an aluminum fuel tank and you’d like to know what the payback period would be for your truck, read our article entitled Aluminum Fuel Tanks Versus Steel.

It has a sample calculation that you can use as a guide and describes several other valid reasons to consider switching to an aluminum fuel tank.  Substitute your own truck weight, miles per gallon, distance traveled annually and the current cost of fuel to calculate your break-even point.

This will help you decide if spending a little more for an aluminum fuel tank is a good business decision.

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