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Buyer Beware - Not All Diesel Fuel Tanks Are Equal

We build diesel fuel tanks for OEMs and we know that some aftermarket tank manufacturers cut corners in ways you can't detect.  PROTECT YOURSELF: Read the "What To Know" section below before spending your hard earned money.

We give you two easy ways to find your replacement tank - choose by truck make and model, or enter the OEM part number of the tank.

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What To Know Before Buying A Diesel Fuel Tank

If you’re about to replace your semi truck fuel tank, there are several important things you need to know specifically about fuel tanks for trucks.  You may discover that some aftermarket fuel tanks may be substandard while others are actually built to last longer than the original steel fuel tank.  Here are the questions to ask before you buy any diesel fuel tank.

Questions To Ask About Diesel Fuel Tanks – Truck Driver Beware

What is the minimum thickness for diesel fuel tanks?

If you plan to keep your truck a while the first question you should ask is about material thickness.  The steel is a big part of the overall cost and could be a place where a manufacturer of aftermarket fuel tanks may cut corners without you knowing it.  Steel fuel tanks should be a minimum of 12 gauge thickness.  Insist on it.

Are all truck fuel tanks pressure tested?

Regardless of how long you plan to keep your truck, you don’t want a steel fuel tank that drips.  It may surprise you to learn that some manufacturers put their fuel tanks for sale without testing each one for leaks first.  Instead they take one of their diesel fuel tanks off the line and do a random sample test.  Here at Propower, we build truck fuel tanks with pride so we pressure test each and every steel fuel tank we build.  No exceptions!  

Wrong diesel fuel tank – truck down another week!

When you buy an aftermarket fuel tank, it has to fit.  Ok, were stating the obvious, but how do you know for sure that it will?  If you deal directly with the manufacturer of diesel fuel tanks they should be able to supply you with mechanical drawings for the diesel fuel tank you're planning to order.  Compare their dimensions with the tank on your truck to verify the fit.

Furthermore, if they are experienced manufacturers, they should have no doubt that the diesel fuel tank they build for you will fit perfectly.  It should be guaranteed to fit or your money back - including free return shipping if it doesn't fit.  Check out our "Perfect Fit Guarantee".

If one steel diesel tank fails how long will the other hold up?

If you’re replacing a steel diesel tank due to a leak, chances are, if you’re running dual saddle tanks, both tanks have degraded at about the same rate.  Consider replacing both at the same time.  Steel fuel tanks are heavy, so shipping fuel tanks for trucks can work out to be 10 to 15 percent of your total bill, however we can often ship two for about the same cost as one.  This will help you save money and down time later on.         

We Make It Easy To Order The Right Aftermarket Fuel Tank

There are only 3 things we need to know in order to supply you the right diesel fuel tank – truck make,  model, driver-side or passenger-side tank.  Your only decision after that is to choose from our aluminum, stainless steel or steel fuel tanks.  Another easy way to make sure you get the correct saddle tank for your truck is to search our extensive database of aftermarket fuel tanks by entering the manufacturer’s part number. Finally, if you need custom tanks we can build you a D-tank, cylindrical or rectangular tank for any application you may have.  We can build you a D-Shaped tank to replace your round tank for more fuel capacity or we can build you an oversized tank if you have the space for a longer tank.

For more information about selecting the right fuel tank and choosing the best supplier, download our free guide, “10 Things To Know Before Buying A Diesel Fuel Tank”

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