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Diesel Tanks For All Makes And Models

We build affordable, top quality diesel tanks for semis.  If you need a diesel tank with quick delivery and an easy, “nut and bolt” replacement, you’ve come to the right place.  We may be the only manufacturer that pressure tests every diesel tank we build.  This ensures years of trouble free service from the minute you install it. Click here to learn what to look for before buying a diesel tank.

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When you look for a diesel tank you deserve choices.  If you need one replacement fuel tank or a run of custom fuel tanks we offer the choice of steel, stainless steel or aluminum fuel tanks.  When you replace a truck fuel tank, we recommend a light weight aluminum tank which is also rust resistant.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement fuel tank, diesel tank accessories or just a fuel cap, we stock a wide variety of products.  We will ship to anybody that needs a truck fuel tank - truck stops, fleet operators, OEMs, independent operators and dealers.

There’s a lot more to know about diesel tanks than you may realize.  We created a simple guide to quickly teach you how to identify quality in a diesel tank and what to look for in a diesel tank manufacturer before you buy your replacement fuel tank.   Protect yourself.  Before your buy a fuel tank, diesel or otherwise, read this guide.  For example, here's one of the tips discussed in the free guide:  If one truck fuel tank is leaking and you have dual tanks, chances are the other will also need replacement soon.  Your advantage is that shipping two tanks costs about the same as shipping one so you save on shipping costs too. 

Download our free guide, “10 Things To Know Before Buying A Fuel Tank.”


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