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We manufacture a variety of diesel and hydraulic tanks for OEMs and also replacement diesel tanks for fleet operators, dealers and independents.

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If you’re an OEM searching for a dependable fuel tank manufacturer be sure that, deeply engrained in our company culture is the understanding that, every part we build for you impacts your brand’s reputation and your bottom line. Not all fuel tank manufacturers think this way. At Propower we take responsibility for enhancing your brand very seriously. We are committed to becoming the preeminent OEM fuel tank manufacturer by upholding this philosophy.


What To Demand From A Fuel Tank Manufacturer

In discussions with people like yourself, we have found that OEMs’ expectations of fuel tank manufacturers are for a competitively priced, high-quality tank. It’s easy to ascertain cosmetic acceptability and design conformity by inspecting a fuel tank but how can you predict durability? Will it stand the test of time or will it become your warranty nightmare? A fuel tank with a pinhole may not reveal itself defective until it’s being used in the field. While most fuel tank manufacturers are using Statistical Process Control (SPC) to estimate quality, we refuse to adopt it. Rather than check random samples for leaks we chose to buck the trend and pressure test each and every tank we build. All Propower customers deserve peace of mind – not just a random few.

Our engineering expertise is another powerful reason to choose Propower as your fuel tank manufacturer. If you have a difficult design challenge our engineering team will assist you. We’ve created many custom designed tanks for our customers. Our creative design skills have received many accolades for the very unique L-Tanks” and “Poly-Tanks that have become tanks of choice by the rail industry.

If you have an idea of what you need you can use our fuel tank design utility to create it and have us build it for you.

We have presented two compelling reasons why you should pick up the phone and call us to discuss your fuel tank requirements. For more reasons click on the link below to read our OEM brochure entitled,

Seven Solid Reasons Why You Would Choose Propower As Your Fuel Tank Manufacturer

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