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Propower Fuel Tanks For Kenworth Trucks


For years we have been building top quality replacement fuel tanks for Kenworth trucks.  Each Propower tank we build for Kenworth trucks is pressure tested to ensure years of reliable service from the day you install it.

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Our replacement fuel tanks are a simple, direct bolt-on for Kenworth trucks.  They’re made of quality material and assembled by craftsmen that take pride in their work.  For the look, quality and original appeal, get your diesel tank from Propower.

We have listed some of the more common Kenworth truck models for which we build diesel tanks.  If you don’t see your Kenworth on the list please contact us.

Aerodyne C500 City Cab
K100 K260 K300
K360 L900 T100
T170 T2000 T2005
T270 T300 T370
T400 T600 T600 A
T660 T800 W9
W9 Classic W900  

Your choice of steel, aluminum or stainless steel tanks is available for most Kenworth models. If you want to increase distance between fill-ups we can build you an oversized diesel tank if you have room for it.

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There’s more to know about purchasing a replacement fuel tank for your Kenworth truck than you may think.

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