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Propower Fuel Tanks For Peterbilt Trucks


You bought a Peterbilt because quality and strength matter to you. Don't skimp on replacement fuel tanks. You are now at the right place for diesel tanks that match the domed look, quality material and workmanship of your original Peterbilt fuel tank.  In fact the wrap on our tanks is 25% thicker than the OEM tanks, plus we  pressure test every Propower tank we build to make sure your Peterbilt truck keeps running, trouble free for years from the moment the tank is installed. 

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Below are some of the common truck models that we can build a Peterbilt fuel tank for.  If yours isn’t listed check with us – we probably have it.  Please contact us.

210 220 270
320 325 330
340 357 359
365 367 372
377 378 379
384 385 386
387 388 389

Propower fuel tanks are available for most Peterbilt models in steel, aluminum and stainless steel.  If you want to increase distance between fill-ups we can build you an oversized diesel tank if you have room for it.

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There’s more to know about purchasing a diesel tank than you may think.

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