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Volvo Fuel Tanks


We are your direct link to top quality Volvo fuel tanks. You can expect fast delivery of fuel tanks that are always quick and easy, “nut and bolt” installations.  We pressure test each tank to make sure you get years of trouble free service from the day you install it.  

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Here is a partial list of some common Volvo truck models for which we build fuel tanks.  If your truck doesn’t appear on the list please contact us.

VLN420 VLN430 VLN610
VLN630 VLN64T VLN660
VLN670 VLN770 VLN780
WG WG64T White

Aluminum, steel, and stainless steel tanks can be purchased to replace your Volvo fuel tank.  If you want to increase distance between fill-ups we can build you an oversized diesel tank if you have room for it.

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There’s more to know about buying a Volvo fuel tank than you may think.

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