Fuel Tank Design Tools

Cylindrical, Rectangular and D-Style are the most common design options.

Regardless of the fuel tank design you choose, your tank will be pressure tested to make sure it does not leak. All fuel tanks are available in aluminum and steel. Steel is used as a lower cost option while aluminum is often preferred because it's lighter and less susceptible to corrosion. Aluminum tanks are supplied with a satin finish. If you prefer, they can be polished to a mirror finish or acid etched to your specifications. Steel tanks are internally fogged with anti-corrosion oil and the exterior is painted with zinc enamel or epoxy, depending on your application. Recessed, top steps, or strap mounted steps are available.  Select the appropriate fuel tank design tool below for your preferred style.


cylindrical fuel tank design

Cylindrical Fuel Tanks

The cylindrical design is most commonly used by OEMs for its look and economical manufacturing characteristics.

Cylindrical Fuel Tank Designer


rectangular fuel tank design

Rectangular Fuel Tanks

Rectangular fuel tanks offer the largest capacity for any given space. A variety of head sizes (end caps) are available.

Rectangular Fuel Tank Designer


d-tank fuel tank design

D-Style Fuel Tanks

The D-style fuel tank design yields a higher capacity over cylindrical designs, for any given length.

D-Style Fuel Tank Designer


Included Items

Standard items included in your custom design are 2", 3" or 4" Fuel Cap & Chain, Replaceable Draw Tube, Ball Check Vent, 1/2" Drain Plug, 1/2" Plugged Crossover, Float Adapter Flange with Gasket & Cover-Plate. Internal Baffles are supplied in tanks over 38" in length.

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