7 Solid Reasons Why You Would Choose Propower As Your Tank Supplier

Posted on October 18th 2012

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As an OEM, taking on a new component supplier should never be a game of chance.   After all, your name goes onto the final product.  Every component that impacts your product’s functionality also impacts your brand’s reputation and your bottom line.  At Propower we understand the value of a brand and we take the responsibility of enhancing yours very seriously.  There are seven critical factors to consider as you evaluate a supplier.


  1. Measurable Quality – The primary function of a fuel or hydraulic tank is to hold fluid without leaking a single drop.  Most tank manufacturers in the industry use Statistical Process Control (SPC) to measure quality.  It’s a practice that’s been popular with manufacturers for years but when it comes to risking our reputation (and by extension yours too) we refuse to adopt it.  Why?  SPC requires checking a portion of the production run for leaks, then extrapolating the percentage of failures in an attempt to remain within “acceptable” limits.  Zero is our acceptable limit at Propower.  We strive for a zero percent failure rate and the only way to accomplish that is by leak testing every single tank we build.  We don’t claim to be perfect but we sure enjoy boasting about the fact that in the million miles of welding we’ve done so far, we’ve missed less than an inch.  Odds are good that our product will make a positive impact on your brand reputation with reductions in warranty and repair costs.
  2. Price And Profitability – We realize that price is an important part of your evaluation process.  We price OEM products very competitively.  Add in the long-term benefits in item one and you’ll find Propower to be a strong contributor to your profitability for years to come.
  3. Reduced Risk – You’re looking for a successful, reliable partner that will serve you for many years to come.  Propower has been in business since 1995.  We’ve seen lean times and good times.  With careful planning and fiscal prudence we have survived several recessions while many metal fabricators perished.
  4. Expertise/ Engineering – If you have a difficult design challenge our engineering team will assist you.  We’ve created many custom designed tanks for our customers.  Our creative design skills have received many accolades for the very unique “L-Tanks” and “Poly-Tanks” that have become tanks of choice by the rail industry.
  5. Just In Time Delivery.  On-time – not early, not late but just in time.  We accomplish this by keeping plenty of material in stock, reordering early and allowing for unexpected incidences.  We maintain a pool of on-call workers to keep us from getting behind in our work.
  6. Flexible Manufacturing – If you need one tank or 1,000 our flexible manufacturing process can accommodate you.
  7. ISO 9001 – Propower formally began ISO certification with the assistance of a highly respected ISO consulting firm to be completed in November 2012.

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